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Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference

Some photos from the Maruti Suzuki Dealer Conference 4-5 May 2017, held at the Dome, Sydney Showgrounds – DZire…

  • Produced by Gravity Entertainment
  • A massive 85m x 4m curved LED screen was brought from Singapore
  • An additional 12m circular LED screen displayed spectacular animated graphics that amazed the 950 delegates from India
  • Congratulations and special thanks to Weng and his team from AIMS Singapore who supplied the screens
  • HF Event Services provided full production services including, audio, lighting, staging, vision and technical crew

Thanks to my team for their hard work… Justin Barraclough, Aaron Marshall, Hamish Langdon, Francesco Calvi, Aldo Fabrizio, Roger Danne, Vinni Sedgwick, Lucas Caroma, Nick Aiken, Nartira Carlson, Anthony Dana, Show Support and Aust Crewing.

Thanks to our suppliers, George Aviat Staging, CTS, Coda, Pyro Oz, Project Station, Music Box, Auswide Productions and backline Australia.

Michael Diener and the Pollards team did a great job. The Sydney Showgrounds team were great to work with, thanks Laura, Glen and Shannon.