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All about HF Event Services & our track record!

HF Event Services offer quality, professional event production and creative services to a wide range of live event applications including; Gala Awards Ceremonies, Concerts & Festivals, Product Launches, Conferences, Exhibitions and Media Events. We also specialise in equipment Sales and custom designed Installations.

Our years of experience, have given us the innate ability to provide value for money and achieve outstanding results without costly budget blowouts. We understand how and apply efficiencies that save you time, money and stress.

HF Event Services’ personalized Production Services include; Site Inspections, Venue Logistics, WHS, CAD drawings and scheduling.

We ensure the right equipment resources and requirements are applied to the relevant production, with skilled crew and technicians.

Flown-Rig-Brisbane-2015 Interpreting your brief and translating your vision! TCMA-Bump-in-2015
You will be supported with HF Event Services’ own meticulously maintained equipment ensuring value for money and reliability. You also have access to as much or as little production assistance as you need.AT-508-Hang
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Suzi-Quatro-Melbourne-2015 Bump-in-TRC-2015 Trucks